Why Why Love

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Why Why Love
Why Why Love is from the crew who brought you Taiwanese Series Devil Beside M. This Romantic drama series is starring Mike He and Rainie Yang. The story is about 20-year-old girl named Jia Di (Rainie Yang) who forced to support her irresponsible family. She is an extremely thrifty and hardworking young woman. She is focused on only one thing, money. When she's selling ?wish? coupons at a charity fair, she meets Huo Yan (Kingone Wang) and Huo Da (Mike He). Older brother Huo Yan is polite, responsible, and reticent while younger brother Huo Da is willful, egotistical, and temperamental; both are a world away from Jia Di and her count-the-pennies living - until they decide to buy coupons from her. Their coupons are for ?love? and ?guardian angel?.

Title: Huan Huan Ai
Title in English: Why Why Love
Gendre: Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Network: CTS / GTV
Broadcast Period: June 3, 2007 - September 9, 2007

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