Kembang Surga

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Kembang Surga

Story about Saskia, the young, pretty and simple teacher, lived in a small city. His life was very peaceful, Saskia had the secret admirer, Pandi and Aziz, twins's young man who had the contradictory characteristics. His life began to be disturbed, when Ardi his brother meant to make Saskia made for Joko, the rich young man, but fat and dirty. Ardi did that, because Joko promised the big repayment.

The Ardi characteristics indeed discusting and really was compatible with Saskia that really loved Fatima his mother. Ardi more indifferent and in any way personally. The young Saskia unrest began to grow when being acquainted with Aditya that evidently a young doctor from the city. Aditya was assigned in the Saskia place Community Health Centre remained. From his introduction they afterwards heve love relationship to to carried out the action was banned because of the error that was carried out by them. This caused Saskia to be pregnant. However unfortunate when asking for Aditya responsibility, Saskia disappointed because Aditya disappeared.

Evidently Aditya had been heard by Ardi on the Joko order, was exiled to the river because it was thought has died. In fact Aditya was rescued by Nadya, the girl a person just like the owner of the plantation that remained with his father who currently is sickly. Aditya was treated until recovered and afterwards engage with Nadya, until planning to marry.

Would his matter of Saskia, that felt embarrassed to go from the house and was helped by a woman who used him as bait to the prostitute. When serving the rich customer, Saskia struck the person and entered the prison. From the Saskia prison succeeded in bolting and arriving in an islamic school until giving birth to his child, the man. He was leaving his child at the islamic school, while he went to the city looked for the work, at the same time looking for the Aditya existence.

Be Saskia a model and became famous, he was acquainted with Mr Imam, a businessman at the same time the famous painter who indeed has admired Saskia, since his trip to the small Saskia city some time before.

Briefly Saskia words finally close to Mr Imam and even they planned to marry. When trying the gown pengantin, in the same Aditya place also accompanied Nadya preparing theor wedding clothes, without being suspected the two of them met again. What will happen furthermore? And how their love story fate? How also their child's fate, loved them? And how also the reaction of Mr Imam and Nadya?

Broadcast Network: RCTI
Broadcast Period: 2006
Air Time: Monday - Friday, 21.00 WIB
Genre: Drama

Director: Noto Bagaskoro
Writer(s): Salim Tariq, Relita M. Hermanto
Producer: Leo Sutanto
Design Producer: Heru Hendriyanto
Production: Sinemart

Sahrul Gunawan as Aditya
Revalina S. Temat as Saskia
Dhini Aminarti as Nadya
Aming as Aziz/Pandi
Drg. Fadly as Ayah Nadya
Ayu Dyah Pasha as Ibu Fatimah
David Hoffman
Ananda George
Tetty Liz Indriarti

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