Cowok Impian

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Cowok Impian

Arika is a girl with a slight learning disability, in fact at school she is put in the special class. Kevin on the other hand, is a handsome and smart boy, admired by many, including Arika. Arika finally found the courage to send Kevin a love letter. His response was quite shocking. Kevin despises dumb chicks. Arika was deeply hurt. She vowed that one day he would pay for the insult.

One day, Arika's house was burnt down. She and her dad, Menaldi, were left homeless. Luckily, Robert, Menaldi's friend, and Tiara his wife, offered to have them to stay at his house. Both Arika and her dad were glad. Besides, they both seemed very nice and sincere.

What is more surprising was when Arika found out that Robert and Tiara were in fact Kevin's parents. Arika promised Kevin she would not tell anyone they were living in the same house on one condition. Kevin had to help Arika study for the upcoming exam. Kevin had no choice but to agree.

Everyone was surprised when Arika, not only passed the exam, but she ended up being in the top three best students. Many were also suspicious, what's up with Arika?

Putra, one of Arika's friends who secretly had a crush on her, quietly investigated who Arika had been hanging out with. Putra was burning with jealousy when he found out Arika had been living together with Kevin. Words started to spread out. Everyone at school started to whisper and gossip about these two. A good relationship between Arika and Kevin started to fall apart.

Broadcast Network: RCTI
Broadcast Period: Not Avialable
Air Time: 19.00 WIB
Genre: Drama

Writer(s): Not Avialable
Director: Not Avialable
Producer: Not Avialable
Production: Sinemart

Marcel Chandrawinata as Kevin
Ayudhia Bing Slamet as Arika
Lucky Perdana as Willy
Indah Indriana as Sella
Mario Tanzala as Jefry
Andhika Gumilang as Putra
Aditya Putri as Jenny
Lucky Almsyah as Om Robert
Moudy Wilhelmina as Tante Tiara
Cut Kemala as Lola
Paula S.N. Tobing as Diaz
Rispy Syahputra as Rico
Ratu Felisha as Mellisa
Rorencia Natassia as Stella

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