Pangeran Penggoda

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Pangeran Penggoda

Bulan never had the courage to confess her love to Alan, a famous basketball player at her campus. Her friends suggested that she put all her feelings on paper and send him a love letter. But unfortunately that letter fell to Tora's hand, a rowdy and mischievous guy. He threatened Bulan to post that letter for everyone to read, unless she did what he asked her. Bulan had no choice but to follow Tora for a while.

One day came an opportunity for Bulan to profess her love. As luck had it, Alan welcomed Bulan's feelings for him with open arms. Bulan now had the power to leave Tora.

Meanwhile, Ana, Bulan's mom accepted a proposal from a rich widower. To her surprise, that man was none other than Tora's father. Bulan was helpless. The news of Bulan and Tora living in the same house shocked the whole campus. Alan started to get jealous. As days and months went by, slowly Bulan started to see the real Tora. She began to see the good in him. Before they knew it, Bulan started to like Tora. So where did this leave Alan?

Broadcast Network: RCTI
Broadcast Period: October 16, 2006
Air Time: Every Thusday, 20.00 WIB
Genre: Drama, Teen

Director: Ook Cemenk
Writer(s): Siti Djasmine
Producer: Leo Sutanto
Production: Sinemart

Mischa Chandrawinata as Tora
Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Bulan
Glenn Alinskie as Alan
Moudy Wilhelmina as Ana
Lucky Alamsyah as Romi
Cha Cha Frederica as Wina
Risty Tagor as Vini
Jesyca Parera as Liana
Hardi Fadillah as Koko
Yadi Timo as Dosen

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