Chunja's Happy Events

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Chunja's Happy Events

Yeon Boon Hong becomes an unwed mother after being betrayed by the man she loves but she is still determined to live her life. Boon Hong lives with her mother and together they get through life's difficulties. At the same time, Lee Joo Hyuk fall in love with Boon Hong.

Also known as: Happy Events at Chunja's
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: May 19, 2008 to 2009
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 19:45

Seo Ji Hye as Yeon Boon Hong
Joo Sang Wook as Lee Joo Hyuk
Kim Ki Bum as Park Jung Woo
Go Doo Shim as Hwang Chun Ja
Wang Bit Na as Lee Joo Ri
Kim Byung Se as Park Dal Sam
Jung Hye Sun as Cha Bok Shim
Yim Hyun Sik as Park Tae Sam
Yoon Yeo Jung as Yang Boon Hee (Tae Sam's wife)
Han Da Min as Park Jung Yun
Yang Hee Kyung as Park Sam Suk
Yoon Mi Ra as Heo Young Ae
Yang Hyun Tae as Lee Joo Young
Kang Nam Gil as Lee Dae Pil
Noh Joo Hyun as Lee Man Suk
Jung So Hee as Heo Young Ok
Jung Han Hun as Oh Byung Goo (Young Ok's husband)
Choi Ji Yun as Lee Sun Hee

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