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Title: Daemang / Dae-mang
Also known as: The Great Ambition / A Great Hope
Genre: Historical Drama
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: October 10, 2002 - January 5, 2003
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 9:45-10:50 PM

Walking into the doorsteps of a rich merchant's house, a woman leaves her newborn child there, stating that the child is of the merchant's blood. Eighteen years later, the small child grows up to be Jang Hyuk, the younger son of the rich merchant, Park Sang Won. He is a warm-hearted guy that always gets himself in trouble. Not knowing Lee Yoh Won is of the aristocratic class, he loves her since they were small children. Lee Yoh Won also loves him and tries to ignore her higher class by ignoring its rules. Jang Hyuk's elder brother, Han Jae Suhk, on the other hand, is a wicked person with too much ambition. Even as a small child, his father knew that he would never be pleased with what he had. Han Jae Suhk lives to satisfy his pleasures, killing many people in return and also ignoring his brother. When Jang Hyuk runs away from his dad (who killed his friends in order to save his son), he encounters Park Young Gyu- a humantistic merchant, and his daughter, Sohn Aeh Jin. Through these people, he also gets to meet the mother he has never seen, Jo Min Soo, who is a political lobbyist. In the dangerous world of trying to satify ones own ambition, the search for true happiness turns into a deadly wish for some people.

Jang Hyuk as Park Jae-young
Son Yeh Jin as Choi Dong-hee
Lee Yo Weon as Yoon Yeo-jin
Han Jae Suk as Park Si-young
Park Sang Won as Park Hwi-chan

Production Credits
Producer: Kim Jong Hak
Writer: Song Ji Na

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