Good Person

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Good Person
Title: Good Person / Joh-eun Sa-ram
Also known as: A Good Man
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: August 27, 2003 - October 16, 2003
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM

Nearly twenty years ago, Shin Ha Gyeun is the son of a mafia boss. He is being chased by the police, but takes a day off to take his young son to the department store. Jo Han Sun's dad,a police officier, takes his wife and son to an outing at the store also. At the department store, Jo Han Sun's dad, a police officer, attempts to arrest Shin's dad. Shin's dad grabs Jo's mom as a hostage and accidently kills her. Jo's dad goes crazy and runs after Shin's dad, thinking that he has taken his son also. Jo's dad kills Shin's dad, but realizes too late that the little boy by Shin's dad is not his son, but the criminal's. However, Jo is killed also, and both the small boys become orphans. A fellow police officier takes in Shin as his own son, thinking that the little boy is Jo Han Sun. Jo, however, is taken into an orphan home. Shin knows he is a criminal's son. Twenty years later, Shin is an aspiring young police officier and Jo Han Sun is a boxing bum. When Jo's best friend becomes unfairly murdered, he vows to become a police officer. Two years later, Shin and Jo finally meet again. Rivals but friends at heart, these two guys learn to forgive the past and embrace the future.

Shin Ha Kyun as Park Joon-pil
Soh Yoo Jin as Shin Ji-woo
Jo Han Sun as Kang Tae-pyung
Han Ji Min as Oh Soon-jung
Yoo Min as Yoo Jin
Park In Hwan as Oh Dong-chul
Son Byung Ho as Baek Sang-ho
Park Kwang Jung as Lee Dae-ro
Kim Chung as Jang Yoon-ja
Lee Dae Yeon as Father Choi
Myung Kye Nam as Han Tae-man
Ahn Suk Hwan as Goo Sang-jin
Ki Joo Bong as Park Hyung-sa
Kim Yeo Jin as A-nae
Lee Jong Soo as Byun Bong-doo

Production Credits
Producer: Yoo Jung Joon
Writer: Kang Eun Kyung

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