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Title: Damo / Joseon Yeohyeongsa Damo
Also known as: Female Detective Damo (KBFD-TV) / Damo: The Undercover Lady Detective (DVD) / Damo, the Detective in Chosun / The Legendary Police Woman
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: July 28, 2003 - September 9, 2003
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55pm

A drama on an unprecedented scale, Damo tells a tale of love, conspiracy, loyalty, and honor. Taking place in Korea during the 17th century, the story focuses on the relationships and destinies of three central characters. Damo sets a new standard for the meaning of an epic and classic drama. A case of counterfeiting money troubles the Police Bureau of Hansung, the old capital city of Korea. Jang Chae-Ok (Ha Ji Won) a young lady police detective, is sent by Commander Hwangbo Yoon (Lee Seo Jin) to investigate the case. However, what appears to be a small case of counterfeiting turns out to be a much larger national conspiracy. Soon, Chae-Ok finds herself faced with an insurrection lead by the very charismatic, Jang Sung-Baek (Kim Min Joon).

Ha Ji Won as Chae-Ok
Kim Min Joon as Jang Sung-Baek
Lee Seo Jin as Commander Hwangbo
Lee Moon Sik as Ma Chook-Ji
No Hyun Hee as Ta Bak-nyu
Park Young Kyu as Jo Se-ok
Lee Han Wee as Baek Jo-wan
Kwon Oh Joong as Lee Won-hae
Shin Seung Hwan as Ahn Byung-taek
Yoon Moon Sik as Ahn Nok-sa
Jung Wook as Jung Pil-joon
Jung Ho Keun as Choi Dal-pyung
Kwan Yong Woon as No Kak-chool
Ahn Kye Bum as Kato Masayuki

Production Credits
Producer: Lee Jae Kyu
Screenwriter: Jung Hyung Soo

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