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Title: Bodyguard / Bo-di-ga-deu
Episodes: 22
Broadcast by: KBS
Broadcast period: July 5, 2003 - September 14, 2003
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 7:50pm

Since Kyung-Tak was forced to retire from his military services due to the fault of his superior, he is jobless and tries to make a living helping out at his parent's restaurant. As luck would have it, he saves the client of bodyguard Yu-jin, during his attempt to find a new job, causing him to be employed by a security company. Kyung-tak's life is headed for further changes as Na Young moves into town with her grandmother and becomes a friend of his younger sister Kyung-mi

Cha Seung Won as Hong Kyung-tak
Im Eun Kyung as Na-young
Han Go Eun as Park Yu-jin

Extended Cast
Song Il Gook as Han Sung-su
Lee Se Eun as Han Sin-ae (Sung-su's younger sister)
Lee Won Jong as Bang Man-bok
Baek Il Sup as Mr. Hong (Kyung-tak's dad)
Park Jung Soo as Mrs. Hong (Kyung-tak's mom)
Jang Se Jin as Choi Tae-sung
Kim Young Ok as Na-young's maternal grandmother
Yoon Yong Hyun as Yu-sung
Kim Young Joon as Se-joon
Maya as Hong Kyung-mi (Kyung-tak's younger sister)
Lee Joo Suk as Yoon-shik

Production Credits
Producer: Jun Ki Sang
Writer: Lee Han, Yeom Il Ho, Kwon Min Soo

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