The Woman Who Wants to Marry

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The Woman Who Wants to Marry
Title: The Woman Who Wants to Marry / Kyeol-hon-ha-go Sip-eun Yeo-ja
Also known as: Marry Me (MBC Global Media), The Marrying Type (KBFD-TV), I Want to Get Married (KSCI-TV)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: April 21, 2004 - June 17, 2004
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday at 9:55 PM
Viewership: avg=23%, peak=29.9%

These days, there seems to be just too many single working women in their 30's. These women have spent all their years accomplishing their dream and now stand all alone. They turn to men now hoping to settle down but all the fine guys have been snatched away by young girls who were only concerned about getting married. Now they try to fall into self-hypnotism that they are better off than being trapped in an unhappy marriage but they can't help feeling being all alone and lonely. "Marry Me" is a story of how women in their thirties come to face with life and discover something new about their lives.

30 year-old spinster reporter Sin-Young was once called a "troublemaker reporter" but she clenched her teeth and kept digging into her work. Finally all of these efforts were rewarded with a prize for getting a scoop. As every dog has his day, she also gets hers and is offered an audition for news anchor. But again, her destiny doesn't leave her in peace and brings her the news of her long-time boyfriend's betrayal. He leaves her to marry a girl 12 years younger than Sin-Young.

Soon-Ae, a 30-year-old stewardess, is the breadwinner of her family who supports her ailing father, a utterly hopeless widow aunt and another hopeless cousin. To her, her family comes first before anything else and this scares all the men away. There was one man who didn't leave her but he was only taking advantage of her company card that gives discounts to luxury goods. One day, she bumps right into her boyfriend with another woman on the very spot and in enormous rage, she beats him up. Very soon she's introduced as "the Crazy Crew" worldwide and she gets fired.

Seung-Ri is renowned for her numerous love affairs. Hiding this splendid past, she marries a man of a plutocratic family and goes to New York. She proudly returns to Korea to give birth to her baby. Then, she shocks everyone when her baby turns out to be white. She gets kicked out from her husband's family as well as her own parents. The source of this misfortune goes back to when she tried to get back at her playboy husband by also having an affair. Though it was only a one night stand with an American guy, she now can't turn back the time. What's more, she hears that her baby died as soon as he was born. From then, she starts her life again in Seoul with her friends Sin-Young and Soon-Ae.

Myung Se Bin as Lee Shin-young
Lee Tae Ran as Jin Soon-ae
Byun Jung Soo as Jang Victory
Yoo Joon Sang as Shin Joon-ho
Lee Hyun Woo as Kim Ji-hoon
Im Ho as Park Sun-woo
Suh Eun as Song Yuri (Sun-woo's fiancee)
Lee Doo Il as Lee Won-young (Shin-young's older brother)
Kim So Yi as Go Hee-sook (Won-young's wife)
Sa Mi Ja as Jung Keum-soon (Shin-young's mother)
Yoo Jung Suk as Lee Chang-young (Shin-young's younger brother)
Lee Mi Young as Park Si-bong (Soon-ae's paternal aunt)
Suh Kwon Sook as Oh Sora (Soon-ae's cousin)

Production Credits
Producer: Kim Sa Hyun
Director: Kwon Suk Jang
Writer: Kim In Young

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