Sweet Buns

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Sweet Buns
Title: Sweet Buns / Danpatppang
Also known as: Redbean Bread (YesAsia), Sweet Buns (MBC Global)
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: July 4, 2004 - January 16, 2005
Air time: Sunday 8:55 AM

Catch the wildly popular K-Drama Redbean Bread! Produced by leading K-Drama studio MBC in 2004, Redbean Bread is a romantic comedy based on a novel, and was so popular that it transcended its 9am Sunday time slot to gain a cult following. Ardent fans of the drama even call themselves "Redbean Bread Masters!"

Han Ga Rang (Choi Kang Hee) is an elementary school teacher in her hometown. Years ago, she had a cat-and-dog relationship with childhood acquaintance Nam Jun (Park Kwang Hyun), who called her "Redbean Bread" - and he wasn't trying to compliment her! Now Nam Jun is back in town working as a lawyer for a construction company, and he's looking for his first love Hae Jan. Meanwhile, Nam Jun's boss (Kwang Ha) is attracted to Ga Rang. But when Ga Rang and Nam Jun finally reunite, the fiery sparring relationship from their childhood is re-ignited

Park Kwang Hyun as Ahn Nam-joon
Choi Kang Hee as Han Ga-rang
Jung Chan as Yoo Kwan-ha
Jung So Young Hong Hae-jan
Yoo Hye Jung
Park Kwang Jung

Production Credits
Producer: Jung In
Director: Lee Jae Dong
Writer: Lee Sook Jin

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