She Is Nineteen

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She Is Nineteen
Title: She Is Nineteen / Hyung-soo-nim-eun Yeol-ah-hop Ye-go
Also known as: My Sister-in-Law is 19
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: July 28, 2004 - September 23, 2004

Yoo Min, is an orphan who gets an offer for a part time job by a doctor who likes her. Somehow, she gets into an engagement contract with Min Jae. Then she meets her fiance's younger brother, Seung Jae, who is the same age as her and they are always not on good terms. They bicker and fight but then end up falling in love.

Jung Da Bin as Yoo-min
Kim Jae Won as Kang Min-jae
Yoon Kye Sang as Kang Seung-jae
Kim Min Hee as Choi Su-ji

Production Credits
Director: Lee Chang Han
Writer: Jin Soo Wan

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