The Age of Heroes

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The Age of Heroes
Title: The Age of Heroes / Yeong-woong-si-dae
Also known as: Heroic Age
Genre: Drama, History
Episodes: 70
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: July 5, 2004 - May 1, 2005
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM

The story is centered on the rise and fall of two major industrialists in South Korea during the second half of the 20th century, depicting the life and times of the founders of Hyundai and Samsung groups.

Cha In Pyo as Cheon Tae-san (as adult)
Jun Kwang Ryul as Keok Dae-ho
Kim Ji Yoo as Hyun Young-soon (Tae-san?s wife)
Jun Soo Yeon as Yoo Sang-hee (Dae-ho?s wife)
Kim Ji Soo as Park So-seon (Tae-san?s first love)
Im Ji Eun as Kang Hye-young
Choi Bul Am as Cheon Tae-san (as older adult)
Yoo Dong Geun as Park Dae-chul
Kang Min Kyu as Chun Tae-il (Tae-san?s younger brother)
Jung In Sun as Chun Tae-sook (Tae-san?s younger sister)
Na Han Il as Chun Tae-chang (Tae-san?s younger brother)
Lee Hye Sook as Chun Tae-hee (Tae-san?s younger sister)
Lee Kye In as Chun Tae-sool
Im Hyun Sik as Tae-san?s father
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Tae-san?s mother
Baek Sung Hyun as Cheon Tae-san (as teenager)

Production Credits
Director: So Won Young, Park Hong Kyun
Writer: Lee Hwan Kyung

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