The Snow Queen

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The Snow Queen
Title: The Snow Queen
Also known as: Noon Eui Yeo Wang
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: November 13, 2006 - January 8, 2007
Air Time: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55

A boxer who was previously a genius, and a rich girl who has a serious illness. Despite appearing not to have any connection, they are similar. Nothing can melt their heart of ice. What is the sunlight that can melt their frozen heart? If the answer is love, is it too cliche? Tae Woong`s love (Hyun Bin) melted the heart of the ice princess, Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri). Although this winter will be very cold and scary, winter is not the end of the seasons, but the beginning of the hope for a greater love.

Hyun Bin as Han Tae Woong
Sung Yu Ri as Kim Bo Ra
Im Ju Hwan as Suh Gun Woo
Yoo In Young as Lee Seung Ri
Kim Tae Hyun as Choi Chong Shik
Kim Hak Jin as Ahn Sang Ho
Ko Doo Shim as Park Yeong Ok (Tae Woong?s mother)
Chun Ho Jin as Bo Ra?s father
Lee Sun Ho (not Andy from Shinhwa) as Kim Jeong Kyu
Go Ju Yun as young Kim Bo Ra
Ahn Gyu Ryun

Production Credits
Screenplay: Kim Eun Hee, Yoon Eun Gyeong
Producer: Lee Hyeong Min

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