Salt Doll

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Salt Doll
Title: Salt Doll
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: January 12, 2007 - March 16, 2007
Air time: Fridays 20:55

Hwang Soo Jung is a devoted wife to her disordered husband. Her first love is a second generation heir to a large finance company. In order to pay for her husband?s surgery cost, she sells her body to the man who loves her one-sidedly?

Hwang Soo Jung as Cha So Yeong
Kim Young Hoo as Park Yeon Woo
Kim Yoo Suk as Kang Ji Seok
Jung Ae Yeon as Seo Yi Yeon

Production Credits
Producer: Park Kyung Ryul
Writer: Park Eon Hee
Production Company: Shinyoung ENC

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