Love Is All Around

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Love Is All Around
Title: Love Is All Around
Episodes: 27
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: June 12, 2004 - September 19, 2004
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 7:55 PM

When it comes to love, neither time nor love seems to matter.

Through love, we learn to live life, understand others and know the importance of families. In "Love is All Around", love is shown by two generations of two families. What is a family? "Love is All Around" will show you that love is in fact always all around you in the name of the "family".

Everyone has first love and this love doesn't always have a happy ending. Even to Bo-Ra comes this first love and an unbearable crisis as well. The guy she loves with all of her heart turns out to be the son of her mother's boyfriend. She didn't know the end of her love would come so soon. Neither did she express her love as much as she could. She never knew that if you lose that opportunity and that moment, love just melts away like ice cream.

Jang Nara as Jin Bo-ra
Yun Jung Hoon as Yeon Ha-neul
Kim Mi Sook as Kim Ok-soon
Kang Suk Woo as Yeon Sung-hoon
Im Ho as Park Soo-young

Extended Cast
Lee Hyo Jung as Jin Young-hwan
Kwak Ji Min as Jin Pa-rang
Na Moon Hee as Yun Yuh-sa
Jung Young Sook as Lee Yuh-sa
Kim Jung Nan as Park Se-mi
Lee Doo Il as Oh Jae-min
Kim Min Hee as Kim Sun-kyung

Production Credits
Director: Lee Joo Hwan
Writer: Park Ji Hyun

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