The Secret Lovers

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The Secret Lovers
Title: The Secret Lovers / Bimil Namnyeo
Also known as: A Man and A Woman
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: August 29, 2005 - November 1, 2005
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM

Seo Young Ji is ashamed of her poor upbringing and works as hard as she can to better herself. She goes to see a plastic surgeon, hoping that by changing her appearance she will feel better about herself. The surgeon, a beautfiul young woman called Jeong Ah Mi, asks Young Ji for a favor. Ah Mi has been set up on a blind date with Kim Jun Woo by her parents, but she really has no interest in going. Ah Mi has her own dark secrets and is also keen to marry well. Jun Woo is not her normal type, so she asks Young Ji to go instead of her, which she agrees to and the two of them hit it off. However, when Jun Woo discovers that Young Ji is not Ah Mi, and in fact has a poor family to look after, Jun Woo dumps her.

Add to the equation Choi Do Kyeong, a poor, but ambitious social climber, who'll do what he can to marry a rich woman. He also dumped Young Ji, and falls for Ah Mi, but ultimately can't decide which of the girls he likes best - regardless of how they feel about him!

Secret Lovers is the latest K-drama from MBC, which addresses the most important questions of all - is love reason enough to marry someone, or should you be looking for something else?

Han Ji Hye as Seo Yeong-ji (25)
Kim Suk Hoon as Kim Joon-woo (31)
Song Seon Mi as Jeong Ah-mi (29)
Kwon Oh Joong as Choi Do-gyeong (28)
Joo Hyun as Suh Dal-koo (Young-ji's father, 50)
Kim Dong Hyun as Suh Young-koo (Young-ji's brother)
Hwang Bo Ra as Suh Young-min (Young-ji's sister, 20)
Lee Jung Kil as Kim Jung-suk (Joon-woo's father, 60)
Ahn Hae Sook as Ms. Song (Joon-woo's mom, 55)
Hyun Young as Kim Joon-mi (Joon-woo's younger sister)
Ahn Jae Hwan as Lee Moon (29)
Lee Byung Jin as Lee Sung-wol (35)
Suh Young Joo as Yang Jae-soon (Young-jee's friend, 25)

Production Credits
Producer: Park Sung Soo
Director: Kim Sang Ho
Writer: Kim In Young

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