Our Attitude to Prepare Parting

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Our Attitude to Prepare Parting
Title: Our Attitude to Prepare Parting / ee-byul-eh dae-chuh-ha-neun woo-ri-eh ja-se
Also known as: Rules of Love (MBC Global Media) / Our Stance on How to Treat a Break-up
Episodes: 16
Broadcasted by: MBC
Broadcast period: July 27, 2005 - September 15, 2005
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM

A New Style Love Story
There are many unsaid rules and wise sayings about love as well as about breakup. It's true that most breakup scenes in dramas are a bit trite and clich?-ridden. For instance, it always rains when the story's main characters break up. Oddly enough, even the one who gets dumped usually wishes for his or her ex-lover's happiness even though he or she is completely heartbroken. How come every hero in the melodrama is as nice and sweet as an angel? What about something like this for a change - I'm not going to let him get away with this.' I'll chase her to the end of the world.' Or I'll make him pay for my broken heart and pain.' Even though a couple breaks up, there are still things left to be taken care of. They need some time to heal so they can later carry on.

A Contract Breakup
Many romantic dramas have used the contract marriage' (where the people aren't really married, but pose as if they were) as its subject. However, this drama will introduce viewers to love and contract from the point of view of a couple that breaks up. She isn't ready for letting him go when he wants to break up with her. He, on the other hand, has met all the requirements and is ready to put an end to this relationship.

The Dreams and Happiness of the Young Generation
The 40,000 young people are reported to be unemployed. Most of young people are looking for a job. They don't have time to talk about their dreams or hope. This is the story of the young people who search for their dream, strive to achieve their goals and learn something about love and happiness.

Choi Kang Hee as Kim Geun-young
Kim Min Jong as Lee Seo-jun
Kim Ah Joong as Seo Hee-won
Shim Ji Ho as Han Jae-min
Kang Boo Ja
Lee Young Ha
Lee Kyung Jin
Shin Goo

Production Credits
Producer: Kim Sa Hyun
Director: Lee Jae Dong
Writer: Min Hyo Jung

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