Green Rose

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Green Rose
Title: Geu-rin Ro-jeu
Genre: Drama, Romance, Suspense
Episodes: 22
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: March 19, 2005 - May 19, 2005
Air time: Saturday & Sunday at 9:45 PM

Lee Jung-Hyun (Go Su) is accused for murdering Oh Soo-Ah's (Lee Da Hae) father. He runs away and becomes a fugitive. Later, he returns and seeks out revenge. Oh Soo-Ah who is the successor of the enterprise "First Electronic" falls in love with Lee Jung-Hyun.

Go Soo as Lee Jung-Hyun/Jang Joong-Won
Lee Da Hae as Oh Soo-Ah
Lee Jong Hyuk as Shin Hyun-Tae
Kim Suh Hyung as Cha Yoo-Ran

Extended Cast
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Suh Jun-Moo
Jung Sang as Kim Dong-Wook
Zhang Kang Er as Jin Dae-In
Park Sang Myun as Lee Choon-Bok
Han Jin Hee as Chairman Oh
Suh Jin Ah as Hong So-Ra
Lee Won Jae as Yoo Kwang-Il
Sung Dong Il as Jung Taek-Soo
Kang Shin Il as Investigator Jo
Choi Sang Hoon as Prosecutor Oh
Yoo Jung Ki as Prison Guard Ahn
Jang Hoon as Investigator Kim
Lee Seung Ho as Chief Judge
Byun Hee Bong as Prosecutor
Jung Hye Sun as Han Myung-Sook (Jung-Hyun's mother)
Kim Ji Young as Park Soon-Nyeo (Jong-Hyuk's mother)

Production Credits
Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup
Writer: Yoo Hyun Mi, Kim Doo Sam
Director: Kim Soo Ryong, Kim Jin Geun
Asst. Director: Lee Chang Min
Production: SBS

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