Spring Waltz

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Spring Waltz
Title: Bom-ui Wal-cheu
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20 (scheduled)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: March 6, 2006 - May 16, 2006
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55PM

What if you could never forget that one person? The person you shared that spring with? In order to escape debts, Jaeha and his father runaway to the family's home town, a small island isolated from the rest of the world. While Jaeha's father goes on a short trip, he leaves his son under a friend's care. Scared his father would not come back, Jaeha begins collecting money to buy his own boat ticket. However, his plans change after befriending Eunyoung, the father's friend's daughter. Eunyoung was born with a sickness and spent most of her childhood at home. She constantly prays to make a friend, and she finds this friendship in Jaeha. However, after a tragic accident, the two are split only to meet again after 15 years.

Suh Do Young as Yoon Jae-ha
Han Hyo Joo as Park Eun-young
Daniel Henney as Phillip
Lee So Yeon as Song Yi-na

Supporting Cast
Lee Eun Hae
Suh Ji Suk
Kim Dong Yoon
Joo Ji Hoon
Kim Young Hoon
Choi Ja Hye
Kim Hae Sook as Eun-young's adoptive mom
Choi Si Won as Eun-young's brother
Eun Won Jae as young Jae-ha
Han So Hee as young Eun-young

Production Credits
Producer: Kim Jong Sik
Director: Yoon Suk Ho
Writer: Jung Yoo Kyung
Production Company: Yoon's Color

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