I Really Really Like You

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I Really Really Like You
Title: Gin Jjah Gin Jjah Joh Ah Hae
Also known as : Love Truly
Episodes: ongoing
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: April 8, 2006 - August 6, 2006
Air time: Saturday and Sunday 7:55 PM

Yeo Bong-Soon [Eugene Kim] is an assistant cook at the President's house [Chungwadae]. She falls for Nam Bong-Ki [Lee Min Ki], who is the President's son's bodyguard! Jang Joon-Won [Ryu Jin] is the President's son, and a highly intellectual doctor, who has a young daughter. As love forms between Bong-Ki and Bong-Soon, we also find a love triangle building up, when Joon-Won starts to fall for country girl Bong-Soon!

Eugene as Yuh Bong Soon
Lee Min Ki as Nam Bong Gi
Ryu Jin as Jang Joon Won

Production Credits
Producer: Kim Jin Man
Director: Kim Jin Man
Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi

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