War of Flowers

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War of Flowers

War of Flowers is Korean Drama about hwatoo, a traditional Korean flower cards game with its own hidden language and tricks (the Korean title Tajja means “Master of Tricks”). The movie is based on the popular comic book Taija by Heo Young Man. The story is about Goni (Cho Seung Woo of Marathon and Love Phobia), a man who search for Master Pyung Kyung Jang (Baek Yun Shik of Save the Green Planet), a hwatoo expert. Goni wants to learn from the expert to wins his money back after losing a fortune in a game he should have never played to begin with.


This two-disc Limited Edition of War of Flowers includes the following special features:
- Audio Commentary with Director and Cast
- War of Flowers: Film vs Manhwa (8:55)
- Manhwa’s Reconstruction (10:43)
- Making Of Documentary (20:34)
- Choi Dong Hoon’s Style (8:48)
- Interviews with Jo Seung Woo, Kim Hye Soo, Baek Yun Shik, Yoo Hae Jin, Kim Yoon Seok (31:36)
- Documentary About Tajja - Master Players (31:36)
- Featurette About Art Direction/Cinematography (26:13)
- Tajja/Hwatoo Techniques (11:54)
- Deleted Scenes with Director’s Commentary (23:20)
- Promotion (4:13)

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