Dear Heaven

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Dear Heaven

This drama is about a woman who gave away her daughter after giving birth to her and is now trying to reclaim the daughter back as her daughter in law by matching her up with her step-son.

Title: 하늘이시여 / Ha-neul-i-si-yeo
Also known as: Dear Heaven / Love in Heaven / Sky / The Sky
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 85
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: September 20, 2005 to July 2, 2006
Air time: Saturday & Sunday at 21:55
Viewership ratings: 28.3% avg, 44.5% peak

Yoon Jung Hee : Lee Ja Kyung
Lee Tae Gon : Gu Wang Mo
Jo Yeon Woo : Kim Ching Ha
Lee Soo Kyung : Gu Seul Ah
Wang Bit Na : Kang Ae Ri
Lee Bo Hee : Kim Mei Xiang
Kang Ji Sub : Kang Ye Ri
Han Hye Sook : Ji Young Sun

Production Credits
Director: Lee Yeong Hee and Shin Yoon Seob
Writer: Im Seong Han  

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