Special of my life

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Special of my life

Unpredictable, sidesplitting character show
‘The Special of My Life’ is a drama which has creative ideas, active characters, and a fresh, new provocative style. It does not sacrifice its characters for the good of the story but instead tries to focus on the characters themselves and have the spotlight shine on them and not the drama. Just thinking of the drama will make you laugh, and you’ll feel connected to the characters in the drama as though they were your good friends that you’d think of in times of need.

The hilarious life of three men that you won’t be able to watch without laughing your head off
A funny and touching story of three friends from high school. Park Kang-ho is a police officer in the violence and crimes department, Baek Dong-goo a scamp full of morality, and Jung Hyung-suk a low-class lawyer. All three fight to live up to their impure dreams while confronting head-on with the absurdities of society.

A provocative new kind of drama
A new style of drama with a provocative and speedy development, a narrated document technique, daring use of animation, powerful talking lines, and many other creative techniques never before used in a drama.

A warm and cheerful comfort to the stragglers of our society
Our society is overly single-minded, but if you remove just one layer from it the humor in it becomes apparent, so you shouldn’t get upset and discouraged for failing or cry for falling behind. This drama gives people who have lost hold of their dreams a chance to laugh with, hug, and share true feelings with those around them. As well, it aims to remind people that life is always worth living.

Title: Special of my life
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: February 6, 2006 to February 28, 2006

Park Kang-ho: Kim Seung-woo
Yoon Hye-rah: Myung Sae-bin
Baek Dong-goo: Seung Jea-loo
Jung Hyung-suk: Shin Seung-woo

Production Credits
Director : Lee Jae-Won
Writer: Park Kyung-Soo

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