Queen of Ahyun

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Queen of Ahyun
Title: Ahyeondong Manim
Title (English): Queen of Ahyun
Also known as: Ah Hyun Dong?s Madam
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: July 16, 2007
Air Time: Mondays to Fridays 19:45 (7:45 Korean time)

Wang Hee Ji will be in the role of a public prosecutor who meets and falls in love with another prosecutor who is 12 years younger then her.

Wang Hee Ji, Kim Min Sung, Kang Se Jung, Park Joon Myun, Park Jae Rom, Kim Byung Gi, Kim Hyung Ja, Ock Seung Il, Nam Il Woo, Lee Bo Hee, Choi Sun Ja, Kim Hye Eun, Lee Dong Joon, Lee Hwi Hyang

Production Credits
Producer: Son Moon Kwon
Director: Choi Yi Seob
Script Writer: Im Sung Han

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