Star's Lover

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Star's Lover

Lee Ma Ri is a famous actress that is actively pursued by four men. The four men come from different backgrounds and have different aspirations. One is a literature graduate student who dreams of becoming a writer (Yoo Ji Tae), another is a famous photographer (Choi Phillip), the third is the heir to a major chaebol family (Ki Tae Young), and the last man chasing after Ma Ri is a young executive who works at a media corporation (Lee Ki Woo).

Title: 스타의 연인 / Star’s Lover
Also known as: Celebrity’s Sweetheart
Previously known as: 오! 나의 여신님 / Oh! My Goddess
Chinese title: 明星的恋人
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Dec-10 to 2009-Jan-29
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 

Choi Ji Woo as Lee Ma Ri
Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Chul Soo
Lee Ki Woo as Jung Woo Jin
Cha Ye Ryun as Choi Eun Young
Ki Tae Young as Son Ha Young
Choi Phillip as Kang Woo Jin

Extended Cast
Lee Joon Hyuk as (Ma Ri’s bodyguard)
Shin Min Hee as Kim Yu Ri (Chul Soo’s sister)
Jung Woon Taek as Jun Byung Joon
Shim Eun Jin as (Byung Joon’s girlfriend)
Song Young Kyu
Yang Hee Kyung as (Ma Ri’s stylist)
Kim Ji Young
Sung Ji Roo
Shin Hyun Joon (cameo)

Production Credits
Production Company: Olive Nine
Director: Boo Sung Chul (부성철)
Screenwriter: Oh Soo Yun

This is a joint production between Japan and Korea.

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