Doenjang-gun and Natto-jjang's Marriage War

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The story between a Korean man and a Japanese woman who fall in love with each other. However, they can not love each other freely as their family strongly opposes their relationship.

Director: Joo Sung Woo (주성우)
Writer(s): Kim Kyun Tae (김균태)
Cast: Im Ju Hwan, Akiba Rie (아키바 리에), Baek Il Sub, Hakuryu (하쿠류), Jung Kyung Soon, Nara Fujiko (나라 후지코), Park Choong Sun (박충선), Son Hwa Ryung, Lee Yoo Shin (이유신)

Title: 된장군과 낫토짱의 결혼전쟁 / Doenjanggungwa Nattojjangui Kyeolhonjeonjaeng
English Title: Doenjang-gun and Natto-jjang’s Marriage War
Chinese Title: 大醬君與納豆王的結婚戰爭
Previously known as: 현해탄 결혼 전쟁 / Hyunhaetan Kyeolhon Jeonjaeng / Hyunhaetan Marriage War
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 2
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: February 27, 2010 to February 28, 2010
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

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