Definitely Neighbors

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Married couple gets divorced. Prior to their divorce, the couple had an argument and their five year old son left the house. Their child died by a car accident. The guilt from their child’s death weighted heavily on the parents and eventually they divorced because of this.

As time goes on, the ex spouses meet again as neighbors …

Director: Jo Nam Kook
Writer(s): Choi Hyun Kyung
Kim family
Son Hyun Joo as Kim Sung Jae
Ban Hyo Jung as Lee Jung Soon
Ahn Eun Jung (안은정) as Kim Eun Suh (Sung Jae & Ji Young’s daughter)

Yoon family
Yoo Ho Jung as Yoon Ji Young
Han Chae Ah as Yoon Ha Young
Park Geun Hyung as Yoon In Soo
Jung Jae Soon as Lee Sun Ok

Chae family
Kim Mi Sook as Chae Young Shil
Choi Won Young as Chae Ki Hoon

Other people
Kim Sung Ryung as Kang Mi Jin
Cha Jae Dol as Song Joon Suh (Mi Jin’s son)
Shin Sung Rok as Jang Gun Hee
Kim Ye Ryung as Jang Sae Hee
Lee Hye Sook as Han Soo Hee
Hong Yo Seob as Kim Woo Jin

Title: 이웃집 웬수 / Definitely Neighbors
Chinese Title: 冤家鄰居
Genre: Family, romance
Episodes: 60
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: March 13, 2010 to September 26, 2010
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:50


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