Father's House

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The drama begins in 1988 and focuses on the life of Kang Man Ho, a stuntman in his early 30s who has a one night stand with a pianist, Lee Hyun Jae. Man Ho soon has to learn how to take care of his son and become a father who makes sacrifices for his son.

Director: Kim Soo Ryong
Writer(s): Lee Sun Hee
Cast: Choi Min Soo, Moon Jung Hee, Kim Soo Hyun, Baek Il Sub, Park Won Sook, Ahn Jung Hoon, Yoo Joo Hee, Jung Hye Sun, Kang Soo Han, Kim Sung Oh (김성오)

Title: 아버지의 집 / Ahbeojieui Jip / Father’s House
Chinese Title: 父亲的家
Genre: Family
Official Site: Father's House
Episodes: 2
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: December 28, 2009 to December 29, 2009
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55

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