Your Heaven

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Your Heaven

A drama about the meaning of family, exploring the lifelong dedication and all-abiding love that parents have towards their children, who are never satisfied but forever wanting more.

Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup
Producer: Jo Sung Won (조성원)
Director: Joo Dong Min (주동민)
Writer(s): Jung Sun Young (정선영)
Cast: Choi Bool Am, Jung Young Sook, Jung Ae Ri, Kim Jin Geun, Lee Ah Hyun, Ji Hyun Soo, Yun Woon Kyung, Jo Hyung Ki, Lee Jong Nam, Suh Seung Hyun, Jung Geun, Kim Min Ha, Kang Nam Gil

Title: 당신의 천국 / Dangshinui Cheonguk / Your Heaven
Chinese Title: 你的天堂
Also known as: Your Paradise
Genre: Family
Episodes: 2
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: September 23, 2010
Air time: Thursday 9:10 AM

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