Golden Apple

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Golden Apple

Kim Kyung Sook (Park Sol-mi), Kyung Ku (Kim Ji-hoon) and Kyung Min (Ji Hyun-woo)’s father who was a widowed farmer married Keum Shil’s mother when Keum Shil was six. The marriage was not a happy one and Keum Shil’s mother continued her affair with Park Byung Sam (Lee Duk-hwa) a rich landlord in the village who was running for a seat in the Parliament. Her body was discovered in the river after the election and Kyung Sook’s father was wrongly accused of being the killer. He was tortured by the police into admission and later died in custody before trial. Park Byung Sam, who was in actual fact Keum Shil’s real father ordered his brother-in-law to adopt Keum Shil and gave him a job at the Intelligence Office in Seoul. Kyung Sook had also moved to Seoul and worked hard to bring up her brothers. She vowed that she would clear her father’s name and find the real killer. Park Byung Sam remained her no. 1 suspect even though she was in love with his son, Park Jong Kyu (Jung Chan). It turned out that he wasn’t the one but who was and why??

Producer: Park Soo Dong
Director: Shin Chang Suk, Park Kyung Ri, Lee Gun Joon
Writer(s): Kim Woon Kyung 
Kyung Sook’s family
Park Sol Mi as Kyung Sook (1st sister)
Kim Ji Hoon as Kyung Ku (2nd brother)
Ji Hyun Woo as Kyung Min (3rd brother)
Go Eun Ah as Keum Shil (4th stepsister)

as children
Lee Young Ah as young Kyung Sook
Kim Myung Jae as young Kyung Ku
Park Ji Bin as young Kyung Min
Yoo Yeon Mi as young Keum Shil
Choi Il Hwa as Chun Dong (father)
Bang Eun Hee as a new stepmother, Keum Shil’s mother
Lee Joo Shil as Kyung Sook’s paternal grandmother

Park family
Jung Chan as Park Jong Kyu
Lee Duk Hwa as Park Byung Sam (father)
Lee Mi Ji as Ms. Jung (mother, Chief Jung’s sister)

Hong family
Lee In Hye as Hong Yun
Lee Ki Young as Chief Jung (father)
Lee Jong Nam as Ms. Im (mother)

Other people
Yoon Hye Kyung as Suh Hee
Jo Mi Ryung as Mi Ja
Moon Won Joo (문원주) as Soon Sik (Kyung Min’s friend)
Jung Seung Ho as Chang Han (Soon Sik’s father)
Kim Hae In as Jung Eun

Title: 황금사과 / Golden Apple
Chinese Title: 黃金蘋果
Episodes: 30
Official Site: Golden Apple
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: November 16, 2005 to February 23, 2006
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

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