My Fair Lady (2003)

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My Fair Lady (2003)

Min Kyung (Kim Hee Sun) just graduates high school and finishes paying off her father’s gambling debt at a liquor restaurant. However, with some borrowed money, she runs away, promising herself that she will find a rich man and live happily ever after. Three years later, she is a stewardess at Asiana Airlines. She constantly looks at the materialistic objects any man has, judging everybody by what they are capable of buying. She meets two-three guys at a time while also attending blind dates with her co-workers. On one blind date, she falls in love with Young Ho (Go Su), thinking that he is one of the few people in the Yacht Club (a meeting of the few richest people in Korea). Young Ho is the son of a poor rice cake house, and works to pay off his dead father’s debt. He falls in love with Min Kyung, because she looks exactly like his dead girlfriend. When Min Kyung finds out that Young Ho is not rich, she dumps him, and goes back to a rich man (Son Chang Min) who proposed to Min Kyung once before. However, Min Kyung wakes up to true love and realizes that happiness does not necessarily come in money.

Director: Han Jung Hwan
Writer(s): Lee Hee Myung
Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Go Su, Son Chang Min, Park Han Byul, Kim Jung Nan, Jo Yi Jin, Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Wan, Lee Yoon Sung, Lee Young Eun, Kwon Hae Hyo, Im Hyun Sik, Sun Woo Eun Sook, Jung Wook, Jung Jae Soon, Choi Hye Jung

Also known as: The Perfect Girl
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Official Site: My Fair Lady (2003)
Broadcast period: August 13, 2003 to October 2, 2003
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 9:55 PM

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