More Charming by the Day

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More Charming by the Day

Song Ok Sook’s husband walked out their family after his business went bankrupt. For the past 15 years she has raised her three daughters up to the best of her abilities. Her husband comes back into their lives and acts as if nothing’s happened. To make matters worst, her eldest daughter, Ji Won, who is a doctor, tells her that she wants to marry Sung Soo, a man who she doesn’t like.

Director: Sa Hwa Kyung, Im Jung Ah, Kang Young Sun
Writer(s): Choi Jin Won, Yang Hee Seung, Kim Yoon Hee
Cast: Song Ok Sook, Im Ha Ryong, Ye Ji Won, Choi Yeo Jin, Bonnie, Lee Young Yoo, Kim Sung Soo, Chae Sang Woo, Krystal Jung, Lee Kyu Han, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Kyung Shil, Lee Sun Ho, Jung Joo Ri, Ha Yoon, Kim Sae Rom, Tae Jin Ah, Han Sun Hwa, No Sa Yun, Song Ji Eun, Park Jin Ah, Yoo Sae Yoon, Kwon Jae Hong, Lee Hong Ki, Kim Na Young

Also known as: Cuter by the Day / Cutie Pie
Genre: Sitcom, Family, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 138 + 2 special
Official Site: More Charming by the Day
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: March 22, 2010 to November 4, 2010
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


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