Unstoppable Marriage

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Unstoppable Marriage
Title: Unstoppable Marriage
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: November 5, 2007
Air time: Mondays to Fridays

Madama Shim has four sons. Their names are Ki Baek, Lee Baek, Sam Baek, and Sa Baek. Madam Shim's eldest son, Ki Baek, falls in love with Goo Mi Ho, the daughter of her enemy, Goo Gook. Wang Sam Baek is the third son of Madam Shim. He falls in love with Chae Jung Soo, a very pretty twenty-three year old hotel management student while she was studying in his mother's hotel. Eong Tung Nyeo is a cute and absurd girl who always fails when she is trying to express her love while So Shim Nyeo is a girl who always lands herself in difficult situations whenever she trys to express her feelings. They both fall for the fourth son of Madam Shim, Sa Baek. However Sa Baek only has eyes for older women.

Seo Do Young as Wang Ki Baek (1st son)
Park Chae Kyung as Goo Mi Ho
Kim Jung Wook as Cha Joon Ho
Jung Da Young as Chae Jung Soo
Kim Dong Wook as Wang Sam Baek (3rd son)
Kim Soo Mi as Shim Mal Nyun / Madam Shim
Im Chae Moo as Goo Gook (Mi Ho's father)
Lee Jung as Wang Lee Baek (2nd son)
Lee Jae Jin as Wang Sa Baek (4th son)
Kwon Yu Ri as So Shim Nyeo
Choi Soo Young as Eong Tung Nyeo
Kim Hye Na as Goo Hye Joo
Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Ock Hwi

Production Credits
Scriptwriter: Ma Suk Chul
Producer: Lee Kyo Wook


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