Old Miss Diary - The Movie

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Old Miss Diary - The Movie
Mi Ja is back! Protagonist of one of the funniest and most beloved sitcoms of recent memory, Ye Ji Won (So Cute) is back with Old Miss Diary - The Movie. The film not only brings back the same characters from the popular sitcom, but also the writers and directors, to deliver the same social satire and hilarious situations. Ye Ji Won plays Mi Ja, an old maid already in her 30s with no foreseeable marriage prospects. Her love life is a failure, her precarious job situation no better, and it seems as if lady luck runs at the sound of her name. But then she meets the young and handsome Ji Hyun Woo (Ji Hyun Woo, Over the Rainbow), and finally the pages of this Old Miss Diary become a lot more interesting.

On top of Ye Ji Won's hilarious performance, another highlight of the film are her three grandmothers, played by veterans Kim Young Ok, Kim Hye Ok, and Seo Seung Hyun with an irresistible mix of charisma, street smarts, and slapstick. Director Kim Seok Yoon has worked for years on KBS as producer, directing everything from variety shows (Happy Together) and music shows (Music Bank) to sitcoms (Cool Friends) and stand up comedy (Gag Concert). His decision to bring back all the people who made Old Miss Diary a success certainly paid off, as despite having no big name stars, the film sold close to a million tickets during its unexpectedly long run.

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