People in Love

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People in Love
This drama is about life of five siblings. Seok Joo is a producer who forsakes his own wife, Seo Young for career. He later be disloyal to his wife by married again with a well of man's daughter, Jung Eum. Seok Joo is a new director of a film company who later becomes a rival for Seok Joo in work and love. Yoon Hyun Joo was an orphan when she was young then, she had gone through many difficulties in her life though she is a successful architect and is Seok Joo's sister .

Release Date: January 15, 2007
Director: Jung Sae Ho
Writer: Choi Yoon Jung
Cast: Kim Dong Wan,Han Eun Jung,Hwang Jung Eum,Jo Dong Hyuk
Studio: SBS
Runtime: 24 Episodes

Keyword : Drama, You, JOO, Choi Yoon Jung, Seo Young, Ate, Gone, Love, Orphan, Out, Run, SIS, FILM, Han Eun Jung, Hwang Jung Eum, Jo Dong Hyuk, Kim Dong Wan, M., Cas

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