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Review (1/10)
(By Liam Cullin)

Seeing Shadowboxer brought up a lot of questions for me. In no particular order...

1) How and why do good actors make bad movies?
2) How does a movie this ridiculous even get made?
3) Should I seriously consider my policy about walking out in the middle of a movie?

I'm sure there are more questions that begged to be answered -- I just can't think of them right now.

Shadowboxer stars Cuba Gooding Jr. a ...


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In a city ravaged by violent crime, the police department's anti-gang task force uses any means at its disposal to get the bad guys off the streets, with cops often acting as judge, jury and executioner. As the unit's self-justifying brutality and corruption spiral further out of control, gang member-turned-cop Armando Sancho (Clifton Collins Jr.) begins to question the life he and his partner Salim Adel (Cuba Gooding Jr.) have chosen. So when Internal Affairs agents investigating the division's ...