Full Sex and Supernatural In "Ragini MMS"

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Full Sex and Supernatural In

Ekta Kapoor is quite excited about her latest film Ragini MMS which is a supernatural, sensuous film based on a couple’s real-life experience. The film is made on a budget of mere Rs 1.5 crore.

After the dark and raunchy Love Sex Aur Dhokha, Ekta Kapoor is proud to present you Ragini MMS. Yes, the movie promises to be high on sex, horror, and semi-nudity. Ekta claims that the movie is going to be the “scariest date movie” in India so far. Thus, she has even increa ...

Michael Moore Falls For Capitalism

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Michael Moore Falls For Capitalism

Michael Moore's new global financial crisis documentary has scored a title - "Capitalism: A Love Story" reports Variety.

The film takes a look at "the disastrous impact that corporate dominance and out-of-control profit motives have on the lives of Americans and citizens of the world."

"It will be the perfect date movie. It's got it all -- lust, passion, romance and 14,000 jobs being eliminat ...

Disaster Movie

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Disaster Movie
Review (-/10)
(By Garth Franklin)

Having abandoned all attempts at simple parody, let alone something as sophisticated or challenging as the satire in your average CBS family hour sitcom, the work of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg continues the descent into cultural ass digestion with the latest in their 'Movie' franchise.

"Disaster Movie" has the undistinguished reputation of being the first major release I can recall that hasn't scored a single positive revie ...

Disaster Movie

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Disaster Movie

In "Disaster Movie," the filmmaking team behind the hits "Scary Movie," "Date Movie," "Epic Movie" and "Meet the Spartans" this time puts its unique, inimitable stamp on one of the biggest and most bloated movie genres of all time – the disaster film.

"Disaster Movie" follows the comic misadventures of a group of ridiculously attractive twenty-somethings during one fateful night as they try to make their way to s ...

Something's Gotta Give

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Something's Gotta Give
Review (5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Jack Nicholson plays Harry Langer, a 63 year-old playboy type of bachelor who is well-know for dating younger women. His latest fling involves a thirty-something year old cutie named Marin (Amanda Peet) and the movie starts with Harry and Marin going to Marin's mother's house in the Hamptons for a weekend romp in the sack. The mother, Erica (Diane Keaton), unexpectedly shows up at the house with her sister Zoe (Frances McDormand) and the two are ...