More About SBS's "Jang Ok-jung"

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More About SBS's "Jang Ok-jung"

The first teaser has been released for Jang Ok-jung, and gives us a peek into Kim Tae Hee’s take on the iconic historical figure and oft-dramatized villainess. As you can see from the photo compilation below, she’s been brought to life onscreen numerous times by many a well-known actress, the most recent examples being Lee So-yeon and Kim Hye Soo.

History remembers her as his downfall, and by all accounts she was quite a piece of work.

Jang Ok-jung, which is s ...

Mad Max Trilogy To Blu-ray In June 4

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Mad Max Trilogy To Blu-ray In June 4

Mad Max, the sci-fi franchise that introduced Mel Gibson to the world, will come together for the first time as a Blu-ray collection when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment debuts "The Mad Max Trilogy" on June 4th. 

The three films – Mad Max (1979), Mad Max: The Road Warrior (1982) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) – are all set in the near-future in Australia and hail from Oscar-winning director George Miller (Happy Feet). All three films star Mel Gibson as Max ...

Nalin Singh: Berlin Cleared Misconceptions About "My Friend Hitler"

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Nalin Singh, scriptwriter of ‘My Friend Hitler’, says the western media misinterpreted his story which was based on letters written to the German dictator by Mahatma Gandhi. He says the film’s screening at the Berlin Film Festival cleared misconceptions about it.

‘The Indian media understood the concept well…none of the national, regional newspapers or media made it look like a controversial one. The controversy started with an article in the Guardian ...

Grand Hotel, Borgia, Pharaoh, Versailles Come To TV

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Grand Hotel, Borgia, Pharaoh, Versailles Come To TV

Sam Mendes ("Revolutionary Road," "American Beauty"), BBC Worldwide and Canal Plus will team to produce the eight-episode TV drama series "Grand Hotel" says Variety.

The story revolves around the guests and staff of a ritzy international hotel in Paris who are suddenly taken hostage. Held captive in the lap of luxury, they try to find out why they're being held prisoner, and plan to escape.

Richard McBrien ("Walla ...

Black Swan

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Black Swan

Review (-/10)
(By Brian Orndorf)

“Black Swan” is a grotesque psychological horror film that provides pits of madness juxtaposed with the gilded, professional grace of the ballet world.

Furthering his study into the resilience of the human body kicked off in the 2008 stunner, “The Wrestler,” director Darren Aronofsky rummages around the pockets of Polanski for inspiration, turning a sparse screenplay into an orgy of injury and psychosis. It&rsquo ...