Case Sensitive

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Case Sensitive

Luo Xiao Ni (An Yi Xuan) uses a screen name called ´Tulip´ on the internet and likes to upload her own videos. Soon she starts to get popular and becomes an internet celebrity. One day her boss gives an idea to Xiao Ni and her boyfriend to stage a kidnapping drama in order to increase more visitors to her website.

They stage and film a fake kidnapping video and it attracted one person´s attention. His name is Li Bao Bao (Feng Yuan Zheng), who does not have g ...

If You Are The One

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Qin Fen (Ge You) is a mediocre looking middle-aged bachelor. A self-made entrepreneur, he has never had much luck in the love department. He puts out a personal ad hoping to find a relationship, and after a string of bizarre encounters and bad dates, he finally strikes a chord with the beautiful Xiao Xiao (Shu Qi). Feeling she's out of his league, Qin Fen hesitates to further approach her and instead, develops an accidental friendship with her. As they spend more time together, they fi ...