Moving Midway

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New York-based film critic Godfrey Cheshire's richly observed documentary film about his colonial roots in the American South begins with the impending move of Midway, the old family plantation in Raleigh to a new location to make room for a shopping mall. This coincides with the news that Godfrey and his cousins are kin to the Hintons, an African-American branch of the family. What starts as an investigation of heritage and change develops into an eye-opening family drama. How will the antic ...

Without the King

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The tiny country of Swaziland is the last absolute monarchy on the African continent. Its leader, King Mswati III, faces huge challenges as his people face starvation and the worst AIDS crisis in the world. Swaziland has the lowest life expectancy in the world at a startling 31 years of age. These problems have given birth to an underground revolutionary movement intent on bringing democracy to the country.

"Without the King" explores Swaziland's Royal Family and their lavish lifestyl ...

Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Nightclub

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Wetlands. For many the name evokes a spirit, a community, an ethos. People still rave about the time they first encountered The Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, Phish or Pearl Jam at the legendary New York City rock club. Others never visited, but have seen the signature Wetlands bus in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or have listened to the celebrated live recordings that originated from the club's intimate stage. Still others participated in Wetlands' working groups for social and environmen ...

Sacco and Vanzetti

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Sacco and Vanzetti
"Sacco and Vanzetti" brings to life the personal, political and legal aspects of the heartbreaking story behind Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two Italian immigrant anarchists who were accused of a murder in 1920, and executed in Boston in 1927 after a notoriously prejudiced trial. It is the first major documentary film about this landmark story.

The ordeal of Sacco and Vanzetti came to symbolize the bigotry and intolerance directed at immigrants and dissenters in Ame ...

Go For Zucker

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Go For Zucker
From the producers of Run Lola Run and Goodbye Lenin! comes the German box office smash, Go For Zucker, a film about a comically dysfunctional Jewish family. Mixing slapstick humor with a jaundiced eye for sharply drawn social satire, not to mention a disarming dose of political incorrectness, Go For Zucker stars Henry H?bchen and Udo Samel as the two estranged brothers -- one a hard-living former East German celebrity sportscaster (H?bchen) now very much down-on-his luck, and the other (Samel), ...