I Live Without Incident

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I Live Without Incident

Shin Jung Il is a retired senior official who maintains a positive outlook and accepts everything life throws at him. Although others dismiss him as old, he thinks of himself as young because he believes people should be valued according to their attitude rather than number of years. Because he lives his life to the fullest, he embraces even the idea of death as a friend, understanding it to be part of the essence of life. He finds love when he meets Hwang Se Ri, a woman 29 years his j ...

KBS's "President" Start With Low Rating

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The battle of the presidents has begun! Only, it wasn’t much of a battle with SBS’s Blue House drama Daemul leading the pack by a wide margin, drawing a 25.7% rating against KBS’s premiere episode of President, which had a 6.3%.

The numbers are a bit of a drop-off from the finale of Runaway Plan B, which signed off last week with a 13.6%. Despite the slow start, though, it seems like President is drawing initially favorable responses, and it’s still early da ...

First Lady Ha Hee Ra in "President"

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First Lady Ha Hee Ra in

With Runaway Plan B now over, KBS turns its attention to new drama President, to air on Wednesdays and Thursdays opposite that other presidential show, Daemul. You can bet there’ll be a lot of interest in comparing the two, even though Daemul is heading into its final stretch and will only be overlapping with President for a couple weeks.

We’ll see a lot of comparisons between the two leading ladies, although on ...


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Three months before the presidential nominating convention, Jang Il-Joon, from the New Wave Party, declared his candidacy. On that same day, a woman died in a gas explosion in Sam-Chuk. There is little doubt that the accident and the nomination of Jang Il-Joon are related. Meanwhile, Ha Min-Ki, a documentary producer, heard of his mother’s sudden death and headed for Sam-Chuk. As he cast his mother’s ashes in the sea, he thought of his childhood: his father always blurt out ...

Give Me Food

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Give Me Food

Ha Hee Ra takes on the role of a normal housewife whose life is turned upside down when she finds out her husband is having an affair. Her husband is played by actor Kim Sung Min.

Director: Lee Dae Young, Lee Sang Yeop (이상엽)
Writer(s): Seo Young Myung
Cast: Ha Hee Ra, Kim Hye Sun, Oh Yoon Ah, Kim Sung Min, Kim Byung Se, Ha Suk Jin, Lee Hye Sook, Lee Hyo Choon, Han In Soo, Choi Soo Rin

T ...