Kim Myung Min Leads "Pace Maker"

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Kim Myung Min has done melodrama, thriller, sageuk, comedy, sageuk comedy, action, mystery — so now it’s time to take on the disaster genre. He has wrapped filming on his latest movie, Pace Maker, and signed on to star in a movie that adopts a cooler English-language title than its literal translation of Hairworm [연가시].

The movie is about the hairworm parasite, which lives by burrowing into the bodies of insects, emerging from their hosts once grown ...

Go Ara, Kim Myung-min Join "Pecemaker"

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Go Ara, Kim Myung-min Join

Go Ara has been cast as the female lead in a movie, with the co-stars are: Kim Myung Min and Ahn Sung Ki.

It’s not that she’s a bad actress, but that those two men are just about the two best actors in Korea today. (Or, at least, two of the best in a very select group of A-listers.) Ara’s a lightweight on her own terms, but against those two, she’ll all but flutter away.

The movie is titled Pacemaker and helmed by a director with no prior credits, ...