"Tomorrowland" Begins Filming

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Principal photography has begun on Disney’s mystery adventure “Tomorrowland,” starring two-time Academy AwardÒ winner George Clooney (“Michael Clayton,” “Syriana”), Hugh Laurie (“Monsters vs. Aliens,” “Arthur Christmas”), Britt Robertson (“Under The Dome”), Raffey Cassidy (“Dark Shadows,” “Snow White and the Huntsman”) and Thomas Robinson (“The Switch”). The film is directe ...

Tom Wilkinson To Cast "Good People"

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Tom Wilkinson To Cast "Good People"

Millennium Films has announced that filming has begun on their thriller Good People at England's Shepperton Studios with Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson joining the cast of James Franco, Kate Hudson and Omar Sy.

Wilkinson is a very prolific British actor who has received two Oscar nominations, the first for Todd Field's In the Bedroom and the second for Tony Gilroy's Michael Clayton, although CS readers may be more familiar with him for his turn as Carmine Falcone in Christopher Nolan's B ...

Tony Gilroy Helming Fourth "Bourne"

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Tony Gilroy Helming Fourth

"Michael Clayton" and "Duplicity" writer/director Tony Gilroy has come onboard to direct a fourth installment in the Jason Bourne franchise at Universal Pictures reports Deadline.

Gilroy has worked on the scripts for all three previous installments of the franchises and was hired to write the script for the tentatively titled "The Bourne Legacy" back in June.

The move is intere ...

Michael Clayton

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Michael Clayton
Review (9.5/10)
(By Erin Cullin)

In 1760 B.C., King Hammurabi set the Hammurabi Code to stone and posted it in a town marketplace in ancient Babylon. I have no doubt that, the following day, the first ancient lawyer came strolling into the marketplace, trying to find ways to test the boundaries of that Code.

Since the birth of law, there have been lawyers. And there have been people who detest lawyers.

I am not sure when lawyers came to be held in such low regar ...

R.I.P. Sydney Pollack

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R.I.P. Sydney Pollack
73-year-old Oscar-winning director Sydney Pollack died of cancer Monday afternoon at his home in Pacific Palisades.

The man, someone many considered one of Hollywood's few genuine class acts, made a name for himself both behind the camera and on the screen in a career spanning five decades.

As a director he won acclaim for helming such films as "Out of Africa," "Tootsie," "Three Days of the Condor," "Absence of Malice," "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?," "The Firm," "Jeremia ...