Lee Jong Seok, Park Bo Young Join "Hot Blooded Youth"

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Lee Jong Seok, Park Bo Young Join "Hot Blooded Youth"

Lee Jong Seok has cloned himself. There’s just no other way to do so many projects in such a short amount of time. So out there, running about, is a Face-reading Jong-seok, a Swimming Jong-seok, a Voice-hearing Jong-seok, and of course, everyone’s perennial favorite, Woo Bin loving Jong Seok.

Add to the list Hot Blooded Jong-seok, set to romance Park Bo Young in the throwback ’80s teen movie Hot Blooded Youth. Directing is Lee Yeon-woo of Running Turtle.

Park ...

Don´t Click

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Don´t Click

A mysterious video is forbidden to be downloaded or one will end up in the curse of death. Jung Mi (Kang Byul) asks her sister´s boyfriend Jun Hyuk (Joo Won), who works as cyber detective to download the file. After watching the video a series of strange events occurs to Jung Mi.

First it is the death of a cybercafe operator. Next after clicking with a mouse an eerie look of a girl appeared. An image of a girl holding a stuffed toy with red blood stain continue to play ...

Park Bo Young Signs "She's Looking At Me"

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Park Bo Young Signs

Park Bo Young is back with a new movie, her next project would be She's Looking At Me, and it appears that movie is still on, but this one will be filming right away.

The project is a horror movie called Unidentified Video, which is the actual title, not a placeholder description. In it, two sisters who encounter a strange video are drawn into a series of mysterious events.

Park will fight to save her younger sister, who’ll be played by Kang Byul, a new actress wh ...

Moon Chae Won Casts In "Bow: Ultimate Weapon"

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Moon Chae Won Casts In

Moon Chae Won Is been cast in a new movie, which should expand on her repertoire a bit with its action-sageuk focus. The project is Bow: Ultimate Weapon (as in, bow and arrow), a historical piece taking place in the Joseon era boasting a reportedly fresh story and strong script.

In addition to her, Bow co-stars two actors, Park Hae Il (Moss, The Host) as Joseon's greatest archer and Ryu Seung Ryong (Quiz King, Personal Taste) as a Chinese general, who face off in a “breathtak ...

The King and I

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The King and I
Title: The King and I
Also known as: King and Me
Genre: Historical
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: August 27, 2007
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55

A drama about Kim Cheo Seon?s life during the Joseon Dynasty. Kim Cheo Seon was a loyal and faithful eunuch for various Kings such as the 5th King, MoonJoong, and the 10th King, YunSan Goon, during the Chosun Era.

Oh Man Suk as Kim Cheo S ...