Park Ye-jin fights for Song Seung-heon in My Princess

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Park Ye-jin (Queen Seon-deok) will be joining the production of romantic-comedy drama My Princess as the girlfriend to rich boy Song Seung-heon, the grandson and heir to Daehan Group. Park’s father is the head secretary of Daehan Group’s CEO, while she works at a museum.

Since Kim Tae-hee has already been cast as the lead, this means that their relationship is doomed; Park will inevitably lose out to her rival. But don’t feel too bad for her; she’s a “ ...

When a Man is in Love

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When a Man is in Love

Were they happy? And were their lives beautiful?

After the death of his mom, Ji-hoon (Go Soo) moves into the home of Mr. Suh. Ji-hoon falls in love at first sight with Mr. Suh’s daughter, In-hye (Park Jung-ah). Ji-hoon also becomes good friends with Suk-hyun (Bae Su-bin) But one day, In-hye decides to leave home for Seoul to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished cellist, without telling Ji-hoon. Suk-hyun also decides to move to Seoul after he learns that he is the lo ...

Park Ye Jin

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Park Ye Jin
Name: Park Yae-jin (Park Ye-jin)
Date of Birth: April 1, 1981
Height: 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Education: Joong Ahn University

TV Series
Thank You Life (KBS, 2006)
Next (MBC, 2005)
Little Women (SBS, 2004)
What Happened in Bali (SBS, 2004)
Since We Met (MBC, 2002)
Four Sisters (MBC, 2001)

Wet Dreams 2 (2005)
Dig or Die (2002)
The Rhapsody (2000)
Memento Mori (1999) ...