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Review (8/10)
(By Erin Cullin)

John Hancock (Will Smith) is a man in the midst of an identity crisis. He does not know where he is going, and he cannot remember from where he came. He is lonely and friendless. He sleeps on sidewalk benches and drowns his sorrows in a vat of alcohol. In short, John Hancock is a disaster.

But, John Hancock is no ordinary disaster. Underneath his alcoholic exterior lurks the heart and the strength of a superhero. And, as the residents of Los Ang ...

Hercules: The Thracian Wars

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A fresh take on the Hercules story based on a five-issue comic book series by Steve Moore.

Director: Peter Berg
Writer(s): Ryan Condal
Cast: Not Available

Release Date: To Be Announced
Official Site: Not Available
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rati ...

Cocaine Cowboys

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After returning from Vietnam as a decorated soldier, Jon Roberts headed to Miami in the late '70s and formed a relationship with the Medellin drug cartel, distributing cocaine worth billions of dollars. Mark Wahlberg will star as Roberts, who was turned in by a cohort and served a decade in jail for his crimes. Jon Roberts' rise and fall was chronicled in the documentary "Cocaine Cowboys".

Director: Peter Berg
Writer(s): Evan Wright
Cast: M ...

Wright To Pen Cocaine Cowboys

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Wright To Pen Cocaine Cowboys
Evan Wright ("Generation Kill") is set to pen the feature film "Cocaine Cowboys" for Paramount Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story follows Jon Roberts, an injured Vietnam vet by age 20 who ended up involved in gangland takeovers of New York City nightclubs in the early '70s.

By the end of the decade, Roberts landed in Miami, dealt billions of dollars worth of coke for the Medellin drug cartel and ultimately spent 10 years in prison.

Mark Wahlberg and ...

Peter Berg Helms New Hercules Take

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Peter Berg Helms New Hercules Take
Director Peter Berg ("Hancock," "The Rundown") will produce and develop to direct "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" for Spyglass Entertainment, Film 44 and Radical Pictures says Variety.

The story is set years after Hercules, the legendary son of Zeus, completed his famous twelve tasks and is now the leader of a group of ancient mercenaries for hire.

The King of Thrace soon hires them to train his men to become the greatest army of all time and they come to realise how far they ...