Who Are You? (2013)

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Who Are You? (2013)

A story between Yang Si Ohn (So Yi Hyun), a woman who is able to see spirits after waking up from a 6-year long coma and Cha Gun Woo (Taecyeon), a man who only believes in solid evidence. The two detectives come to understand each other as they try to help the spirits attached to objects at a lost-and-found center rest in peace.

This drama will feature a love triangle between spirits and humans. Si Ohn′s dead boyfriend Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) will appear as a spirit, perfe ...

"Night Before the Wedding" Fills More Casts

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"Night Before the Wedding" Fills More Casts

Night Before the Wedding is instantly evocative of lots of conflict and possibilities, particularly when the movie is an omnibus picture. 

There will be eight main characters, and Lee Yeon Hee (Ghost), Joo Ji Hoon (Five Fingers), and Kim Kang Woo (Haeundae Lovers) are the three biggest names in the cast. Idol boy Taecyeon (Dream High) is also in the mix. Other actors in final stages of negotiations include Go Jun Hee (The Chaser), Lee Hee Joon (Jeon Woo Chi), and Ma Dong Seo ...

Joo Ji Hoon, Hong Ji Young Reteam For Third Time

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Joo Ji Hoon, Hong Ji Young Reteam For Third Time

There’s a new romantic comedy film in the works by director Hong Ji Young of Naked Kitchen, and she’s looking to reunite with Joo Ji Hoon (Five Fingers) for a third time (she also did some work on the script for Antique Bakery). Exciting, since those are the projects of his that I like most.

The new movie is called The Night Before the Wedding, which is great — it’s a very evocative title, and I’m already imagining all sorts of insanity, drama, and p ...

Bae Su Ji "Suzy" Miss A Youngest Member

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Bae Su Ji

Bae Su Ji or Suzy is the youngest member of Korea popular girl group Miss A. Don’t look at her young age, she is only 17, but she has already has a mature body and hot figure. Why korea girls are really fast to be mature ?

As a newcomer in Korea entertainment, Suzy popularity is quite quickly risen up. Suzy even got a lead actress for Korean Drama Dream High. Suzy starred in “Dream High” as the main character Go Hye Mi with 2PM’s Taecyeon, 2PM’s Wooyou ...

"Dream High" Final Concert

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The end to Dream High, so Tuesday’s episode was a broadcast of the concert, which was the drama’s way of putting a spin on the familiar special broadcast format of behind-the-scenes clips, NGs, and stories from the drama shoots.

It also gives me a chance to weigh in on the ending, the concert also gave the stars a chance to take the stage and show their live-performance skills. The special started off with “어떤이의 꿈” (Someone ...