The Tracey Fragments

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The Tracey Fragments
Based on screenwriter Maureen Medved's novel of the same name, "The Tracey Fragments" uses highly inventive and dynamic Mondrian-like split screens to tell the story of why 15-year-old Tracey Berkowitz (Page) is riding out a blizzard in the back of a city bus, naked except for the tattered curtain she's wrapped in, and looking for her missing brother (whom she fears she has hypnotized). On screen for nearly every frame of the film, Page delivers a tour-de-force performance that cements her statu ...

Thinkfilm Handles "Tracey Fragments"

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Thinkfilm Handles
ThinkFilm will release the Ellen Page-led drama "The Tracey Fragments" starting May 9th in New York City reports Reuters.

Page plays Tracey, a depressed teen on a search to find her missing younger brother.

Bruce McDonald's unconventional drama uses multiple split-screen images and a non-linear narrative to convey her thoughts. ...