Info: "Red Dawn" Producer Defends

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On Wednesday, reports emerged that the makers of the upcoming "Red Dawn" remake were digitally altering the villains of the film to be North Koreans rather than Chinese forces which is how it was shot in production.

The reasons for the change were the most obvious - economic. China has a lucrative box office for American movies and MGM would like that money, plus "Dawn" cost a considerable $70 ...

Nalin Singh: Berlin Cleared Misconceptions About "My Friend Hitler"

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Nalin Singh, scriptwriter of ‘My Friend Hitler’, says the western media misinterpreted his story which was based on letters written to the German dictator by Mahatma Gandhi. He says the film’s screening at the Berlin Film Festival cleared misconceptions about it.

‘The Indian media understood the concept well…none of the national, regional newspapers or media made it look like a controversial one. The controversy started with an article in the Guardian ...

Dreamworks Animation Picks Up Jim Massey's Comic "Maintenance"

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Dreamworks Animation Picks Up Jim Massey's Comic

DreamWorks Animation has picked up the film rights to Jim Massey's comic book series "Maintenance" which was in turnaround from Warner Bros. Pictures says Heat Vision.

The story follows the exploits of "two janitors who work for TerroMax, Inc., the world's biggest and best evil science think tank. When they're not dealing with toxic spill monsters and menial time machine ...

Think Tank

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Bumbling, twenty-something slackers use their self-proclaimed "genius" to save a small town from the evil clutches of Lord Billiards, a land-grabbing pool celebrity.

Director: Brian Petersen

Writer(s): Brian Petersen

Cast: Eric Artell, James Avery, Maura Claire Barclay, Dean Bates, Barbara Beneville, Wendy Calio, Joe Costello, Steve Fogel, Gordon Goodman, Allan Groves, Stan Harris, Carter Jenkins, David Kaye, Lauren Kaye, Andrew Wei Lin, Andres Lopez, Tina Majori ...

Watts Fights "Angels & Demons"

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Watts Fights
Naomi Watts will star opposite Tom Hanks in Ron Howard's "Angels & Demons," the prequel to "The Da Vinci Code" reports The New York Post.

In "Angels," Robert Langdon (Hanks) tries to solve a murder and unravel a plot by an ancient group, the Illuminati, to blow up the Vatican during a papal conclave.

Watts would take on the role of Vittoria Vetra, daughter of the physicist Leonardo Vetra who's death kicks off the investigation.

Still to be cast are the key roles ...